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We've lived at canyon pointe for almost 10 years and we've seen management come and go. I can honestly say that Jolee is one of the greats. She is professional and prompt and very reliable. There was a pest problem for a while but things got resolved and I haven't seen any bugs for a long time. Maintenance requests are responded to quickly. Rent is really reasonable. It does go up from time to time, but that's life. I'd recommend these apartments to anyone. We've enjoyed living here and have no plans to leave.


My son and I have lived here for two and a half years. Getting into our apartment was easy. Where we live makes it nice to get to places. We have loved that these apartments are pet friendly! When we have been in need for things to get fixed it has been done in a timely manner. I love that parking is so close to the apartments. The area around the apartments always looks nice! Thank you!


Canyon Pointe apartments has been good to me. They have responsive and attentive maintenance. Management has been great in the past 3 years. Really digging in to change and update every apartment to be of good quality. Last but not least, bringing the community of residents together with events and fellowship has made living here much better for me and my children.


JOLEE! can't say enough kind words about her and the outstanding Job she does there at canyon pointe! I have lived 2 1/2 years with out complaint! She is apillar to that community.


I can honestly say that my residents are amazing! Thank you all for doing your part to make Canyon Pointe such a great place to live!


Management has always been great to me. They keep the place up well and handle all the kids here with respect. They do activities, games and drawings so they can win money and prizes. It's nice to be somewhere that people accept you and make you feel welcome. I feel like a part of something, not just a renter. That's a big deal.


I have lived at Canyon Pointe for more the 5 years. I needed a place for me and my children, and I needed it fast. The staff was helpful and even though I wasn't excited about apartment living, we settled in. Since then, Canyon Pointe has undergone some huge changes. This complex is constantly getting upgrades. The new management team has waged a war on criminals and does a great job keeping as much of that element out as they can. Our children have a brand new playground, the landscaping makes me feel like I live in a park. Our manager is involved, and knows all of us, our kids and even our pets by name! I LOVE Maintenance! They are kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and fast! Lupe goes above and beyond! He even spent his personal time fixing a scooter for our kids!! This is home!!


I am impressed with the management. As a business owner, I really appreciate the loyalty and courtesy I am shown. Staff is always friendly and helpful, residents are respectful and cheerful. I have referred several people to Canyon Pointe, and the ones who are currently living there are very happy!



Loving this apartment
Been here for 2 going 3 years I love the staff their are so helpful and sweet , they work hard to keep riffraff out and trouble down , they gave the kiddos a brand new playground this year , and maintenance is great at repair and quick replys to render situations that may occur if its urgent that may take presence over non urgent situations , they like to try to do activities for our community to encourage friendship and neighborly activities . I love it here and would tell others of our little community. And if there maybe bugs that start to make their way here in the apartments, and staff is aware , there are quickly getting the pest control out to the premise to prevent infestations ,